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Fishing doesn’t stop when the snow starts to fly!  Many people actually prefer fishing as you can get just about anywhere on the lake during ice fishing season, something you can’t do without a boat the rest of the year. Virtually every fish that’s available to anglers in the summer can be caught through the ice – some are even caught more frequently in the winter. 

With fresh water fish including trout, walleyes, salmon, perch and bass ready to bite, Michigan is home to some of the best catches a fishing trip can offer. With the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Family Friendly Fishing guide, a resource that provides family-friendly fishing locations across the state that are easy to access and have a high likelihood of catching fish, it’s the perfect time to plan a family fishing trip in Pure Michigan.


Cross country skiing epitomizes the saying “it’s all about the journey, not the destination.” Enjoy that journey along Michigan’s more than 3,000 miles of cross country ski trails. With each mile you will discover the hush of snow-covered landscapes that set the tone for a contemplative, yet invigorating, winter pastime. Whether you prefer classic or skate-style skiing, Michigan is steeped in history when it comes to this silent winter sport, which can be enjoyed in solitude or with family and friends. 

Or you can take on extreme skiing at the longest runs and highest vertical in the Midwest at Mt. Bohemia. Why not even stop at Copper Peak, which is the only ski fly facility outside of Europe!


Snowshoeing in the Upper Peninsula is the use of hiking trails during the winter. The hiking trails of Michigan lead us through old-growth forests. They guide us to waterfalls. They usher us to the tops of mountains, back across time and down through urban canyons. All skill levels are welcome – take your time and enjoy the views, test your endurance on trails that are truly epic, or jump on the Iron Belle Trail, the longest designated state trail in the nation. Here we can hike more than 220 miles on the Shore-to-Shore Trail that connects Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. Or do a day hike on any breathtaking section of the North Country National Scenic Trail. Let’s walk among the giants that remind us that there are bigger things in life than us. It’s time to lace up our hiking boots, because in this part of the world, any given pathway will point us to Pure Michigan.



Michigan State and National Parks have loads of things to do when you travel to their area. You can do things from boating, fishing, wildlife viewing and morel mushroom hunting to camping & lodging, hiking, biking, horseback riding and winter sports. Depending on the season, there are things for the whole family to enjoy the great outdoors and use our natural resources to play.




The web of rushing waterways that cross the “Mitten State” creates more than 300 waterfalls in Michigan. Each season, the falls take on distinctively different personalities. Come autumn, they are framed by colorful foliage that accents photos and makes for gorgeous hikes down paths that lead to them. In winter, the falls are frozen into ice sculptures as stunning as art—and great for recreational climbing. Spring brings the roar of winter’s melt, and in summer, weather that’s perfect for falls-focused picnics and more.

Take a scenic drive and visit all the waterfalls the Western Upper Peninsula has to offer or take a trip to the Tahquamenon Falls!