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Outdoors. It’s what the U.P. is renowned for besides the ever growing brewery scene. It’s what we have an abundance of. What locals and visitors can’t spend enough time in and without. So while there are indoor fun and inspiration in the U.P. (definitely take time to experience it), this is not a place for couch sitting and seeing our world from a window.

Get outside. Up close to our abundant, diverse, ever-changing natural surroundings. Feel the cool spray of roaring waterfalls. The warmth of soft sand beneath your bare feet. Hear the high-pitched whistling of bald eagles soaring overhead. The deafening crash of waves against ancient rocks. Watch the sky shimmer in dazzling neon green and orange on Northern Lights nights. Breathe in the spicy scent of cedars. The mossy, earthy forest floor. Taste the nutty richness of wild morels and the sweet/tart flavor of deep red thimbleberries. Our outdoors will magnify your senses.

We have a variety of trails for all to enjoy, besides the U.P. Brew Trail. If you come during the summer, lace up your walking shoes or hiking boots. There is no better way to immerse yourself in the wonders of the U.P. outdoors than on foot. Or, if you are more interested in biking, there are many trails to indulge in. If you come during the winter, bring your snowshoes and skis to enjoy the beautiful winter wonderland the U.P. becomes!