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While we encourage you to relax and enjoy your trip, we know that proper planning is a necessity. Visit our Maps page or our Grab A Drink page first to begin mapping out your stops–but know that roughly speaking, if you want to hit all the U.P. Brew Trail stops, plan on about a week of tours and travel. Can’t wrap it up in one trip? No worries! Your passport will never expire, so you can return anytime to complete it.

Some are as close as a stone’s throw and others are as far as 135 miles. Check out the Map page of our website for a lay of the land between distilleries. And remember—this is Michigan. The scenery is beautiful so enjoy the adventure.

Go to the Grab A Drink page of our website to click on the brewery you wish to visit and find your way through Google maps. Please keep in mind that sometimes cell service can get dodgy on the beautiful backroads of Michigan.

You are welcome to start your journey wherever you feel is best, but either the west (Ironwood) or eastern (Sault Ste. Marie) end of the Upper Peninsula would work the best. 


Each special tour is unique, and some offer specialty tours that can take longer. Plan on spending at least three hours at each outfitter. If you’re interested in a specific tour location, visit our Special Tours page on our website for more information.

Yes, all outfitters charge a fee for tours. Some outfitters have abbreviated or extended specialty tours that vary in cost. Please visit the Special Tours page to see pricing then call ahead for availability. 

If there are 10 or more people in your group, please call ahead to the outfitters to give them a heads up.

It is recommended to book your tours online and in advance as most outfitters have online booking options. Specialty tours require reservations. Check out the Special Tours page of our website for more information.


That depends. At this time, most breweries allow growler fills (and other sizes) but it depends on the brewery. If you would like to know if a certain brewery has growler fills available or if they have certain requirements, please contact them ahead of time.  

Some breweries do have off-seasons for alcohol production, if you have questions for a specific brewery be sure to check out their website. Usually their brew list is available online, or you can give them a call!

Yes! All open breweries, wineries, and meaderies have links on our website.  

While all U.P. Brew Trail stops make every effort to comply with all legal building code requirements, visitors should contact each distillery individually with specific accessibility questions.

Yes, most brew stops offer complimentary water or other non-alcoholic refreshments.